Where I’ve got the idea?

How to Say was born on my last trip in Hong-Kong.

I was lost in downtown and I wanted to ask some information, actually, I was lost looking for some nice restaurants. 🙂

Surprisingly in Hong-Kong English isn’t as common as you can imagine, so I took an English-Chinese dictionary. It did not help! Because you build sentences differently in different languages, suddenly an idea!

It would be very useful a phrase book that contains loads and loads of sentences already made in many languages…

And be it!

I come back to Dublin and I started working at it…enjoy it and send me any comment or suggestion!!


Ron Lewis

howtosay.org is the best automatic translator because everyone can make corrections. Therefore, it rapidly becomes better and better.


hello, my mother toung is Brahui beside i speak six other languages ,to say this i have a humble suggestion that Idioms and Proverbs can be a potential subject in how to say it in many languages ,it is very interesting to find out the same idiom or proverb in any other language because people usually adapt the word to word translation method but in the case of proverbs the main theme is to be found in a given situation,so how to say idioms and proverb in many languages can be a great fun,with regards.

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