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4 Aug 14

In order to translate user interface, “PoEdit” application is needed. 1) Please, download it here: and install it to your computer. 2) You will be provided with file, which contains a text of the website`s interface. The file has an extension “.po” Please, open it, using this software. 3) Now you can edit the file. It has two columns (A column on the left is the “key” you don’t need to edit it. It identifies the string to » read more.

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24 Nov 10

In the last few weeks has seen a nice increase in traffic so, to avoid disruption of the service we had to review the code and implement Memcached. Now everything seems working much faster and more reliable but, hopefully, if the traffic will increase we may need to migrate to a more powerful machine. Keep visiting us and spread the word!!

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28 May 10

How to Say was born on my last trip in Hong-Kong. I was lost in downtown and I wanted to ask some information, actually, I was lost looking for some nice restaurants. Surprisingly in Hong-Kong English isn’t as common as you can imagine, so I took an English-Chinese dictionary. It did not help! Because you build sentences differently in different languages, suddenly an idea! It would be very useful a phrase book that contains loads » read more.

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