How to make a translation of the user interface

In order to translate user interface, “PoEdit” application is needed.

1) Please, download it here: and install it to your computer.

2) You will be provided with file, which contains a text of the website`s interface. The file has an extension “.po” Please, open it, using this software.

3) Now you can edit the file.


It has two columns (A column on the left is the “key” you don’t need to edit it. It identifies the string to be replaced in the program. A column on the right is a list with english version of a text.) There is a text box on the bottom of the window (The first line contains original text. The second line contains an english text, needed to be translated.)

Please, replace english text with a translation in your language.

NB! Please, mind the symbol %s. It is need to stay.

3) Translate each line of the list.

4) Don’t forget to save changes;)



how touse the translation lexicion ?


Help me to learn use this translation machine

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