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Ron Lewis

I am so pleased that I discovered website. I think of it as a Wikipedia of language translation. I think is the best online automatic translator because everyone can make corrections (something like Wikipedia).

I only saw one translation for whatever I typed in. I think it would be nice to have an option to see a few alternative translations for single words and short phrases, ranked by popularity.

I hope to see your website endure because a wikipedia-type of translator is such a good idea.


I agree, I like the default translations better here than I do with some of the other online translators. However, I too would like to see the ability to select alternative translations – is it possible?


the auto detector cannot detect the languages which are not listed in the list ,i myself tried it writing a sentence in brahui language,so therefore i suggest to enlist other many important languages like Brahui.


Hi, thank you very much for your comment and contribution!
We are currently working on finalizing the languages already inserted in our list. Once we are at good point we will introduce other languages like Brahui


It would be even more helpful for those languages such as Hindi, Farsi and those languages which use symbols to have at least an English phonetic pronunciation. It’s great when I can write the word in question but I’d like to also have a remote clue on how to say it properly.


Great service, but people – Yiddish and Hebrew are two different languages!
Yiddish is a slang developed generations ago by Jews living across Western Europe, ranging from Holland to Poland, mostly comprising European words. It immigrated with our people to America and Britain at the turn of the last century. Oy vey!


Thank you for your comment but we have both languages on the site. The flag we used is a darkened Israeli flag because we didn’t know which symbol to use. Any other reason why your telling this to us? 馃檪


Hello. I would like to contribute translating words to Basque language. Could you please add Basque language?


Hi, I think your effort is cool and interesting. I can assist you in translating English to Malay (my native language) as I noticed some of the translations are not there just yet. Do contact me at the registered email address to discuss further if required. Thank you.


I have seen your site and is very well done, but! why not have a live translation? I mean, as it is pronounced. I think that’s the only thing that would fail them. Congratulations on your effort and your support. By the way I am from Mexico.



How about a phonetic depiction of the term for those of us interested in speaking a few words, as opposed to those who can read and write Farsi already?


Dear Sirs, I would like to know if there ‘s an App for mobiles about your

Best Regards

Anna from Italy

angelica lechuga solis

no le entiendo a su traductor, yo quiero saber porque el Dios eterno dijo que la tierra de can谩n es tierra que fluye leche y miel, si le leche es tan mala y nociva para la salud, cual es la traducci贸n para este texto?



Ronald B.

Your reporting wrong entry link should ask whether the person really wants to enter a wrong translation complaint. The translation for uncle is proper.


Please get those annoying ads off your website. I now can’t read my tranlation due to the ad being there. This is most annoying. Will now have to find another translation website with NO ads.

Raul Fournier

Thank you so much for this service, I’m really impress!!! Is a very powerful tool, especially when I try to find very unusual words or more complicated, thanks to your service, I can write more proffesional letters, and I recommend to friend and family, please keep doing this service, because is just AWESOME!
Thank you and God bless.


讗讬谉 诇讬 讞砖讘讜谉 诇讗 讘讟讜讬讟专 讜诇讗 讘驻讬讬住讘讜拽 讜讬砖 讛专讘讛 诪讛 诇转拽谉 讘转讬专讙讜诪讬诐 诇爪专驻转讬转


Excelent page!!!!. Coud be posible, that you make the phonetic traduction of some languages, like, hebrew, arab or chinese.?.
Thanks a lot.

Juan Emilio Pastor J谩cobo

Hola, estoy muy satisfecho con el traductor How To Say, pero en la parte superior de la p谩gina pone “iniciar sesi贸n” cosa que no deja hacer, porque aparece como una imagen, i no aparece como un link en el cual te puedes registrar.
Quisiera saber si alg煤n d铆a activar谩n esa opci贸n.


How can I download your app
Thank you

Mohammad Attieh

Words will not be enough to appreciate your professional translation.
But you miss one language which id the Urdu.
Please help and coordinate to have Urdu language in your list
You are highly appreciated

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