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Here you can find some of the most useful and essential words and phrases in most of the languages!

HowToSay.org is an on-line translator that allow people to automatically translate text to many languages.
As difference from other services you are invited to submit your translation, rate the results and fix the translation problems of what you think should be correct.

Translate from English to Italian or French or one of the languages we support and enjoy your conversations!!

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Help us to rate the translations!

HowToSay uses a computerized translator to translate your words and phrases, but as we all well know computer translation can be very often wrong.

At the moment, no computer can replace a human brain, so we ask You to rate the translation and in case you have an alternative to submit it.

In order to do so we create a system in which you will be shown unrated translation in your language, you can rate them accordingly of the quality of it, suggest your own or simply skip.

To get started simply select a language you feel confident and start the fun:

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