Volunteers Needed

Me in Tokyo
Me in Tokyo


I have been maintaining the site for few months now and it’s fairly challenging to follow this languages and to be honest I don’t have a decent knowledge for most of them (It’a a nice way that I don’t have a clue about some languages!!) so I’m not able to fix, correct them or remove them.

So I decided to ask help to you!

What I would like is to have volunteers that have a decent knowledge of a basic English (to communicate with us!)  and another language to help me to correct some of the translation and keep track of what is happening.

In exchange, if you wish, I will create a page with your CV, Picture and all the information you wish to have and I will add your name close to the translations you will be correcting. This will give you a very good visibility in the world of interpreter and translators.

So if you are interested or just want to know more drop me a mail now at this address:  malediano [at] gmail.com

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